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Extra Mural Activities

Extra Mural Activities create balance in a child's life and Noddyland provides several activities including: Monkeynastix, Soccer, Playball, Ballet, Swimming, Dance Mouse.

Healthy Nutrition Plans

A healthy meal plan consists of breakfast, lunch, dinner and one or two healthy snacks. Because your child is growing and developing, Noddyland provides three healthy meals per day.

Weekly themes and weekly Bible stories

Proverbs Ch22:6 Train a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it. At Noddyland, every day begins with Bible time and prayer

Daily Program

School starts at 6.30am till 5.30pm. Normal class activities begin at 8am and lunch is served at 12noon. Each day starts with with Bible time, creative activities, stories, music and movement, developmental play and indoor/outdoor play (organised and free) is planned.

Please note! 5 and 6 year olds follow a specific school readiness program which begins at 08:00. Grade R children do their pre-reading and writing skills first thing in the morning. No grade R child may arrive late.

Nursery school’s official operating hours are from 6.30am till 5.30 pm to ensure that those travelling from a distance are catered for.

Parents must please take their child/children to and collect them from the teacher in charge or on duty. Do not leave your child at the gate to enter the school by themselves!

Half Day finishes at 1:30pm and a late service fee will apply thereafter. Please fetch your child before or on this time. If you have difficulty fetching your child on time, rather enrol him/her for full day for your peace of mind.

Full Day finishes at 5:30pm with limited staff on duty. After 5:30pm you will be subject to a late service fee. Cell phone costs will also be added to your account. To phone and let us know you will be late is a courtesy only; you will still be liable for the late service fee.

You will receive an account for this charge, should you refuse to pay the account or are consistently late; your child’s registration could be cancelled. Please do not be rude to our staff members on duty or expect special treatment from them, as they too have to comply with rules.

One month’s written notice of withdrawal is required and must be handed in at the office within the first three business days of the month.

Reasons for withdrawal must be stated as well as the child’s last day of attendance. (A form is available in the office) All outstanding monies must be paid up to date as well as the fee for the month of withdrawal.

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