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admission forms

Admission Forms

-Enrolment Form; Health Questionnaire, (supplied by Noddyland);
- Must be completed and submitted on/or before the day of admission.

- Copy of child’s Birth Certificate;
- Copy of Clinic Card (inoculations);

- Copies of Father, Mother or Legal Guardian’s Identity Documents/Passports;
- Proof of residence; i.e. current utility bill, must be attached.

Registration Fees

A registration fee is required to secure your child’s place in the school and is only valid for the year.

Should you want to re-register your child the following year; a new registration fee will be required.

If you resign during the year and later the same year you decide to bring your child back, you will be required to pay a registration fee again.

School Hours

For your convenience, school hours start from 6.30am till 5.30 pm for those travelling a distance.

Parents must please take their child/children to and collect them from the teacher in charge or on duty. Do not leave your child at the gate to enter the school by themself!

Daily Program

Starts at 6.30 am. Lunch is served at 1200 noon and the school closes at 5.30pm. Each day starts with Bible time, creative activities, stories, music and movement, developmental play and indoor/outdoor play (organised and free) is planned. Please note! 5 and 6 year olds follow a specific school readiness program which begins at 08:00. Grade R children do their pre-reading and writing skills first thing in the morning. No grade R child may arrive late


Registration fees are non-refundable.

FEES: All fees are paid up front, that is the January fee must be paid by the 3rd business day of January for the month of January. If for some reason you are unable to pay by that time, a written request must be made to the Supervisor, stating the reason for late payment and also an undertaking of how the arrear fees are going to be paid. This will be handed to the Chairman of the Board for approval.

The Chairman reserves the right to refuse such a request. Late payment of fees is subject to an immediate late service fee, (this will be determined the beginning of each new school year), which will be added to your account. If you haven’t made an arrangement with the Supervisor and you fee is still unpaid by the 8th of the month, your child will not be allowed entrance to the school.

Should your account remain unpaid and you haven’t made an arrangement for payment, your child’s registration will be cancelled and the account handed over to our attorneys for collection with cost to your account. To avoid this embarrassment please pay your account timeously.

As fees are calculated for the year, children starting after June will incur a December fee

Noddyland offers a variety of learning activities!

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