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Registration Fee

A registration fee is required to secure your child’s place in the school and is only valid for the year. Should you want to re-register your child the following year; a new registration fee will be required. If you resign during the year and later the same year you decide to bring your child back, you will be required to pay a registration fee again.

Policy on Fees

These are determined by the Management Board of Nursery School, and are revised periodically.

All fees are payable in advance.

Admission to the school will only be secured once:-

  • - The parents have been interviewed by the Supervisor.
  • - The relevant documents have been completed and handed in, along with copies of documents needed for enrolment.
  • - The relevant registration fees have been paid.
  • - The parents agree to abide by the Conditions, Rules and Regulations of the school, as set out in this document. Initial each page and hand back to the Supervisor.

Noddyland Nursery School reserves the right to run a credit check with the Credit Bureau and references supplied

Noddyland Parent Handbook

All fees are paid up front, that is the January fee must be paid by the 3rd business day of January for the month of January. If for some reason you are unable to pay by that time, a written request must be made to the Supervisor, stating the reason for late payment and also an undertaking of how the arrear fees are going to be paid. This will be handed to the Chairman of the Board for approval.

The Chairman reserves the right to refuse such a request. Late payment of fees is subject to an immediate late service fee, (this will be determined the beginning of each new school year), which will be added to your account. If you haven’t made an arrangement with the Supervisor and you fee is still unpaid by the 8th of the month, your child will not be allowed entrance to the school.

Should your account remain unpaid and you haven’t made an arrangement for payment, your child’s registration will be cancelled and the account handed over to our attorneys for collection with cost to your account. To avoid this embarrassment please pay your account timeously. As fees are calculated for the year, children starting after June will incur a December fee

Secure Payments

Due to the high rate of armed robberies we would like to encourage all parents to pay their fees via the internet or direct deposit, for the safety of your children and our staff. Ask in the office for our banking details. Your child’s name and surname should be used as reference.

Please send a fax of the released payment to lorna@noddyland.co.za or hand in a copy at the office. Only Bank guaranteed cheques will be accepted should you prefer to pay by cheque, these should be made out to Noddyland Nursery School.


To keep costs low we require certain supplies for the year. Supplies are to be handed in on the first school day of January and for children starting later on the first day of attendance.

Mark all the supplies and hand it to the class teacher to mark off on her supply list.

With permission from the Supervisor supplies can be brought in two lots, first school day in January and the second lot in June of the same year.

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