Who we are

Noddyland Creche and Nursery School is a non-profit organization run by the WESLEYAN CHURCH of South Africa. The Wesleyan Church is not affiliated to either the South African Council of Churches or the World Council of Churches. The school is managed by a Management Board that is selected from the membership of the Church and is responsible for all the policies and regulations of the school.

The school both complies and adheres to all the guidelines prescribed by the South African Department of Social Development and the curricula prescribed by the South African Department of Education. As such Noddyland it is a private Christian nursery school which operates as a ministry of the Wesleyan Church with the primary goal to develop the whole person: spiritually, mentally and physically.

Noddyland Offers A Variety Of Learning Activities!

What we are about 

We are committed to share Christ’s love, His life, His death and His resurrection as man’s only means of salvation, attainable through personal repentance and faith. We promote Christian living in the home and school as the ideal setting for quality education and the development of healthy minds and bodies.

We believe that children must have assistance in five realms of growth: Emotional, Social, Physical, Intellectual and Spiritual. Our desire is to help in this development. Please feel free to discuss your child’s growth and development with us. Continued communication between the home and school is vital for the development of a close relationship.

Daily Program

We open at 6.30 am. 

Lunch is served at 12:00 noon 

School closes at 5.30pm. 

Each day starts with Bible time, creative activities, stories, music and movement, developmental play and indoor/outdoor play (organized and free play) is planned.

 Please note!

Our 5 and 6 year old's follow a specific school readiness program which begins at 08:00.

Grade R children do their pre-reading and writing skills first thing in the morning. 

No grade R child may arrive late.